School Policies



The School’s emails and letters contain confidential and/or privileged information and are intended for only the person to whom it is addressed. Any unauthorised copying, forwarding, disclosure or distribution of the material contained in emails and any attachment is strictly prohibited. All personal information at the school remains confidential to the school principal, safeguarding officer and communications officer will not be discussed or shared by the school with any other parent or student.



In the event of a bad weather warning and you are in doubt about classes taking place please check the website and The Performance Academy Facebook page for information. If you decide not to attend but we are still open the school will not reimburse or replace classes. Parents will be notified by our texting service, website and emails if the school is to be closed. Please make sure your details are up to date and you check our news page. If classes are cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances and cannot be replaced during the School term in which it was cancelled the School will not reimburse classes. All teachers will continue with classes, even if there are inadequate numbers of students. In such cases the Principal will be contacted in to discuss alterations for that particular class.


Child Protection

At The Performance Academy we have a duty of care to safeguard all children. It is our aim to provide children and young people with appropriate safety and protection that attend the School. We abide by The Child Protection Act 2004.


Protection of our Children

At The Performance Academy, we ensure that all children are protected. For younger students we insist they do not go home without their Parents or Guardians and will be kept within the classroom with the teacher until collected. Once out of the lesson parents are responsible for their children. Parents and students will not let any persons in the hall or waiting area if they do not know them or are suspicious of them. We also do not tolerate any behaviour that results in bullying or discrimination, the school will give a written notice for any unacceptable behaviour from a student. If this behaviour does not show improvement the school has the right to refuse admission.


Use of Photographic/Filming Equipment

If a parent wishes to photograph or film classes, they may do so with the permission of the Principal and the teacher’s consent, however we operate a policy that protects families that do not wish their children to be photographed or filmed. If this policy is found to be breeched we will ask you to remove all evidence of the photography/filming. The Performance Academy uses our own photographs and filming as a platform to advertise the school and to celebrate its student’s achievements. The school photos and filming will be published of children at the School and we ask that all members of the School notify the School if you do not want wish your child to be photographed or filmed when you register with the School. The Performance Academy records its annual showcase. If parents do not wish their child to be recorded, unfortunately students therefore will be unable to participate in the showcase.

Health and Safety

Some physical contact is necessary by the teacher to demonstrate exercises or techniques or to prevent injury during the class. If in the case of minor accidents, first aid needs to be administered, the school will contact the parent/guardian immediately. No responsibility is taken for any injury occurring, during or after classes, although great care is taken to avoid such an occurrence. When a parent enrols their child with The Performance Academy, it is their responsibility to ensure that the information given on their registration form is correct and the school is aware of any illness or disability that may affect their child during lessons.


The use of Social Media

We ask that current students who have access to social media do not contact teachers or student teachers on their personal pages. We ask that all students contact the school’s email and/or social media page for any questions, helpful tips and advice. Social media is a wonderful communication tool however The Performance Academy Facebook page and school email should be the only use of social media contact from current students to teachers. The school will not tolerate current students and or teachers being in contact through social media however please feel free to contact us personally when you have moved on from the school to keep us up-to-date on how you are doing. The Performance Academy uses our social media page as a platform to advertise the school and to celebrate its student’s achievements. The school photos will be published of children at the school and we ask that all members notify the principal if you do not want wish your child to be photographed when you register with the school. 

This Policy was issued by the Principal Katherine Marriott-Pae

Principal/Owner of The Performance Academy

October 2023

Review due October 2026