Classes for children and young people

Tuesdays (Studio 1)

4.00pm Primary Ballet & Tap (Yr 4+5)

4.45pm Grade 2 Ballet and Tap

5.30pm Intermediate Ballet

6.15pm Intermediate Tap

7.00pm Private lesson

Tuesdays (Studio 2)

4.00pm Preparatory Ballet and tap (Yr 2+3)

4.45pm Rosette Ballet and tap  (Yr R + 1)

5.30pm Grade 4 Ballet

6.15pm Grade 5 Ballet

6.30pm Private lesson

Thursdays (Studio 1)

4.00pm Junior Musical Theatre (Yr 1-4)

4.45pm Inter Musical Theatre (Yr 5 - 7)

5.30pm Private Lesson

6.15pm Private Lesson

6.45pm Grade 4 Ballet

Fridays (Studio 1)

4.00pm Grade 3 Ballet and Tap 

4.45pm Grade 4 Jazz

5.15pm Grade 4 Ballet and Tap

6.30pm Grade 5 Ballet and Tap

7.30pm Pre-Pointe class

7.45pm Private Lesson


Saturdays (Studio 1)

9.00am Rosette Ballet and Tap (Age 4-5 )

10.00am Baby Ballet and Tap (Age 2+)

10.30am Preparatory Ballet and tap (Age 6-8)

11.30am Primary/Grade 1 Ballet and Tap (Age 8+)

12.30pm Grade 2 Ballet and Tap

1.30pm Grade 3/4 Ballet and Tap

2.30pm Intermediate Ballet and Tap

4.00pm Private Lesson

Saturdays (Studio 2)

10.00am Drama (Reception - Year 1)

10.30am Drama (Year 2-4)

11.30am Drama (Year 5-6)

12.30am Drama (Year 6-8)

1.30pm Drama (Year 9+)


NB: Times may change - please check before booking a place

All ages are a guide only